posted January 26, 2016
Assembly of the XENON1T Time Projection Chamber (TPC) at Gran Sasso.

posted December 10, 2015
The DAMIC enclosure at SNOLAB.

posted November 26, 2015
First Bubbles in the PICO-60 dark matter experiment bubble chamber.

Workshop "Calibration of low energy particle detectors", September 2015
posted November 7, 2015
KICP hosted a workshop on the calibration of the energy response of a wide range of different targets and technologies that are currently being implemented and/or explored for the detection of the lowest energy signals from dark matter and neutrino interactions. These include scintillating crystals, ionization and phonon solid state detectors, noble liquid scintillation and ionization detectors, and superheated detectors.


workshop "Dark Matter at the LHC", September 2013
posted April 6, 2015
KICP hosted a workshop "Dark Matter at the LHC" on the University of Chicago campus. The workshop included both theorists and experimentalists actively working on LHC signals of dark matter. The focus was on model independent approaches. The goal of the meeting was to discuss avenues for taking full advantage of the next LHC run for dark matter studies. The Workshop was so successful that it has become the first of an yearly, international, series of workshops on the topic.