Dragan Huterer, University of Michigan

KICP "Non-Gaussianity Hub" workshop, April 19 - 21, 2012

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Goal of the Non-Gaussianity hubThis hub began its existence as the Non-Gaussianity Hub which had the goal of bringing together researchers from around the world to address all aspects of Non-Gaussianity (NG); seeking to identify signatures of NG in current and planned experiments as well guiding the design of future experiments so that they are optimized to detect signatures of NG.

With the results from the Planck satellite on non-gaussianity and the exciting, possible, detection of inflationary B-modes by the BICEP2 experiment, the Hub was re-oriented to study the inflationary paradigm more generally. The Hub’s new mission is to bring together investigators performing research on all aspects of Inflation to fully explore this cosmological phenomenon. Special attention will be placed on the investigation of B-modes and non-gaussianity will continue to be explored.